Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Seemingly Fruitless Battle


Speaking with Joe Cunningham all week, I searched for something I was passionate enough about to write, but all I found was an apparent lack thereof on my part. 

Sad, isn't it? In a world filled with relationships, politics and world hunger, you would imagine that a simple college student would find something to write.

But what good is it to sit down and conceive words for what's wrong or what's right in the world? Wouldn't it just be better to do something about it?

Relationships. He loves me, he loves me not. While for some, that might be the debate of the hour, for me it is just a passing thought. It isn't worth taking up inches to describe the intimate details of my romantic escapades. Besides, isn't that why we have Facebook?

Politics. How many times can people truly go back and forth about the presidential election? How many articles do you truly want to read regarding other people's opinions? We should just formulate our own. It is sort of important. He will be the man who runs the country for ideally the next four years. I refuse to form my opinions around the thoughts of peers. I would rather watch the debates and decide which platform best represents my ideas, my desires, my goals.

World hunger. Seriously? What am I going to do about that? I'm in college. I struggle to feed myself, let alone another nation.

Going Green is definitely an important issue, and we should want to protect what is left of our ozone layer. We should want to ensure that the next few generations have clean air to breathe and green grass to run on, but we should also realize that pollution isn't the only reason for global warming. It is coming. It has been coming. We are just encouraging it to come a little faster.

I would love to say that my studies in the one economics course I have taken to date have prepared me for the recession we are currently enduring, but sadly there is still more to learn. I would love to be able to retire when I am 60 or 70 like most of our grandparents, but sadly that is becoming more and more impractical. With endless student loans awaiting me after that glorious day of graduation, it will be years before I can even consider the idea of retirement.

No. Passion. Passion is what I need to find, what we all need to find.

In today's world, passion seems to be masked by so many things: failed relationships, blockbusters, the newest hit, fashion.

Someone is always deciding for us what we should be passionate about. What our minds should wander toward when we set the books aside, when we lock the door after the endless work hours. 

I want to find passion. I want to search through all the avenues until it grips my heart and runs. That kind of passion you cannot find in a book or a song or a blockbuster.

That kind of passion requires all of your senses. Everything.

We could spend our time in college following those few people who found a passion, or we could take the time to reevaluate ourselves and our desires and find our own.

You can be the next Mozart or Picasso or Gibson. You can be the next Leonardo or Lincoln or Mother Theresa. 

We can be whoever, whatever we want to be. We just need to find that one thing that encourages us to grab fate by the throat and run. 

We just need to find our passion. We need to step outside of the molds of society and find for ourselves what makes our hearts race, because no one is going to take the time to do that for us.

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