Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kansas City Bound (Wednesday)

This being the tenth time I have attempted to re-write this introduction in hope that I could be inspiring and crap, I suppose I should just stick to the facts and prepare for bed.

We arrived Kansas City today for the CMA journalism conference thing. Not only did I completely over pack, but I forgot to bring the one and only thing my advisor asked me to bring—last year’s yearbook.

No worries, the world will still turn, and life goes on. We will just have to wait to have last year’s amazing book evaluated.

The trip was decent. Mostly everyone attempted to sleep, although for some it was just a series of failed attempts. I am sad to report my book, which I had fully intended on reading, has been dog-eared about every other page and only read until the start of chapter 2. Perhaps the student media van was not the best place to attempt to read a book I struggled to start all last summer.

A few of the highlights from the drive: we took a picture with THE Ronald McDonald (what he was doing at McDonald’s in Arkansas on a Wednesday, we will never know), we drove through Amish country AND saw a horse-drawn buggie on the interstate, the soap at one gas station smelled AMAZING, nobody died and nobody peed their pants.

Of course there was some interesting conversations, but that is to be expected from this amazing group.

Upon arriving at the hotel, finally, we headed “downtown” to get something to eat. It was an adventure, and the food was amazing. We took some slightly entertaining pictures, and met some folks from New York who after asking us to walk with them, completely ditched us—lame, I know.

Nothing much to say there. We got back to the hotel and ventured to the open house, which was sadly no longer “open,” but I find something that has yet to cease to amaze me—TJC’s newspaper. Our once everyother week, black and white paper is now full color and amazing! I am not going to lie, I was impressed and slightly disappointed. Of course they had to wait until after I left to be amazing, but that’s how things work, no?

I suppose I have entertained the reader enough for tonight. I look forward to the adventures tomorrow brings with our back-to-back sessions and, of course, blogging about them.

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