Friday, April 24, 2009

Teacher Crush

I am not an active dater. I don’t go out of my way to lore guys in. On most days, I don’t even try.

But there is something hot about a successful man. A man who has all his ducks in a row and appears genuinely happy and satisfied with life.

For a little while now, the subject of teacher crushes has come to mind. Everyone at one time has seen or had a teacher who is more than pleasing to the eye—Now it is just if people are willing to admit it is a different story completely.

Sometimes he is the hot or cute teacher you and your friends call “Dr. Cutie” when his back is turned. But sometimes he is a little more.

Sometimes he is a man who treats you as a peer and as an adult. He is the man you can hold real conversations with. No awkward pauses, no discomfort, just a genuinely good conversation.

The thing about teacher crushes…the attraction isn’t necessarily lust. It is a completely different type of attraction than you would typically have. The attraction is not necessarily centered on the person as a whole but rather what the person represents.

Not necessarily the romantic “F” word, but everything else it entails.

The FUTURE is a scary word and idea. It is completely nerve-wracking.

But when you sit across from that teacher crush, the “F” word does not seem so scary.

Conversing with a confidant, successful man who is passionate about what he does and who he is very comforting. It makes tomorrow less intimidating.

For that one brief moment, you can almost see yourself in the future with a different man having a similar conversation. In the back of your mind you can see yourself past classes and exams and projects. For just a moment while you are engaged with conversation you like who are and who you might become.

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Jenny said...

Very true...I've known a couple of teachers that were appealing because of their easy conversation, thoughtful advice, and their gentle manner. Those are the ones that make you believe you can get through all the final exams, juries, and recitals. Those teachers you an genuinely call friends. Sometimes the line between friend and romantic interest can be blurred. I've seen it happen a few times.