Thursday, November 27, 2008

Free Falling

It is funny. It would be imagined that at this point in my life I would be searching for the perfect man to settle down with and have the perfect life, but I am not. 

I do not join my siblings or classmates in the search for a soulmate, rather I run the opposite direction. Someone speaks of wedding bells or commitment, I freak. I run away. I throw in the towel.

While some girls ponder their perfect wedding and spend hours selecting colors and dresses and potential baby names, I create a "before I get married list,"

I don't know what I want from life, but I know what I want to do. Everything.

I want to see, taste, feel, hear and smell the world.

I want to milk a cow, ride a mechanical bull, skydive, climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower, learn to drive, buy a car, see the seven wonders, waterski, jet ski, skinny dip, have coffee in the Alps, taste a snowflake, dance in the rain, ride a motorbike, "surf" a crowd, go to a concert at the park, ride in a hot air ballon, go white-water rafting, pet a penguin, see Niagara Falls, try caviar, go to a sushi bar, see the Macy's parade in person, be at Times Square when the ball drops at Midnight, go ballroom dancing, take dance classes, sleep under the stars.

Oh how the list continues.

I want to live and take chances.

I want to experience all the magnificent blessings and glories life has to offer. 

I want to run when they say walk and simply have a ball.

I am not ready to be a wife or a mother. I don't know if I will ever be. Until then, I look forward to adding insane items to my "to-do" list.

Until then, I will experience life and rejoice in everything is has to offer.

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